Crack cocaine is a stimulant made from regular powdered cocaine by mixing baking soda or ammonia and cooking it down to form a solid rock-like substance. This form of cocaine is smokable once it has dried. Crack cocaine is a very addictive and more pure form of cocaine. Most users will report being addicted after only one hit. 

What is the Proces of Smoking Crack Cocaine?

Smoking crack cocaine gives the user an immediate high because it is delivered straight to the lungs and brain once inhaled. Excess amounts of dopamine are released when crack cocaine reaches the brain, causing an intense euphoric feeling. However, the high an individual gets from the drug only lasts between 5 and 15 minutes, leading users to desire more and more of the drug. 

As stated in recovery, one hit isn’t enough, and 1,000 is too many. So, is it possible to recover from an addiction to crack cocaine, and how do people get past the intense cravings for this drug?

How Do You Get Through Cravings For Crack Cocaine?

Getting Through The Cravings For Crack Cocaine

I’ve written many blogs on crack cocaine and talked about recovering from an addiction to this terrible, terrible drug. This blog article I wanted to give hope and hopefully any information that will help someone struggling. Recovering from an addiction to cocaine or crack cocaine is extremely hard, but it is possible. Three words come to mind: you have to be ready, willing, and determined!

More About Getting Through The Cravings For Crack Cocaine

Getting through the cravings for any drug is one of the hardest things a person can go through. If the person who wants recovery more than anything has severe problems resisting the cravings, removing the people and staying away from the places and things is a good start. Giving up keys to a car temporarily, changing your phone number, deleting numbers from your contact list, and asking loved ones for help is another good place to start. 

The US National Library of Medicine MedlinePlus “Cocaine” says:


It is easy to lose control over cocaine use and become addicted. Then, even if you get treatment, it can be hard to stay off the drug. People who stopped using cocaine can still feel strong cravings for the drug, sometimes even years later. (MEDLINEPLUS.GOV)

Cravings are Normal in Recovery, They Will Happen

Cravings are a normal part of recovery. However, with an addiction to a stimulant like cocaine and it’s a profound effect on dopamine in the brain, cravings can be extremely difficult to resist. Drug cravings can and will lead to a relapse if not handled immediately and appropriately. So you asked, what is an appropriate way to handle cravings for crack cocaine? I found eight ways to beat drug cravings. 

Refusing to give in and being determined to beat this is number one! Here are some other ways to handle cravings for crack cocaine:


  • Positive Self-Talk – Create a list for yourself to have handy when a craving arises. Why you have chosen to stop using, list all of the negative consequences of your use. Tell yourself that this is no life for you anymore. 
  • Get A Hobby – List some activities you can do when these cravings arise, like taking a walk, calling a friend, playing with your animals, or participating in a hobby you enjoy. Cooking, fishing, dancing, hiking, crafts, or video games are just some of the possible things that come to mind.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy uses redirection, distraction, or visualization when cravings arise. Redirect your attention to something else or distract yourself until the craving passes. You can even visualize yourself in a relaxing place like the beach.
  • Self-Care – Practicing self-care in recovery is very important. Eating healthy, getting good sleep, exercising regularly, and taking proper care of your emotional well-being can certainly be of significant help when urges arise. HALT (hungry, angry, lonely, or tired) experiencing any of these makes it extremely difficult to resist temptation. You have to stay healthy and on top of your self-care.
  • Surf The Urge – This technique is a mindfulness technique. Instead of stopping or resisting the craving, you accept it and don’t try to make it go away. Instead, acknowledge what you are feeling until the cravings pass.
  • Know Your Triggers – You have to know what triggers you and try to stay away from them. Of course, there will be situations that may arise beyond your control, but being prepared will help you get through this. For example, come up with strategies to deal with cravings.
  • Rely On Others For Support – A very important part of recovery has a good, strong support system in place. First, tell on yourself when these cravings arise. Let people help you. You have lost control over this addiction; getting help from others is a vital part of your recovery.
  • Remove All Bad Memories – Cleanse your mind of any bad memories associated with your use. This can help you experience fewer cravings and be able to get through them much easier.

Suppose you have already been through treatment for your addiction and are in recovery but having problems with consistent relapses. In that case, it may not be a bad idea to reconsider inpatient treatment. Detoxing and giving yourself 30 days away from any triggers could be beneficial.

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