A stereotype is a widely held but oversimplified and fixed idea or image of a particular type of thing or person. Wikipedia defines a stereotype as a generalized belief about a particular category of people. It’s having an expectation about every person in a particular group.

The type of expectation can vary, but it can be about the group’s appearance, personality, ability, or preferences. Stereotypes are often overgeneralized and inaccurate, along with resistance to new information, but they can sometimes be accurate.

Stereotypes About Smoking Crack Cocaine

Stereotypes Around Crack Addiction

There are stereotypes around all sorts of things and people but stereotyping particularly exists around people with drug and alcohol problems. When you picture a person suffering from addiction or alcoholism, most would picture a person that is down on their luck, homeless, or struggling with mental health issues.

Depending on whether it’s a drug or alcohol there are also stereotypes around specific drugs. When in reality, crack addiction and substance abuse has no one type of person. It affects so many different people from a broad range of ethnicities, races, financial backgrounds, and men and women in the same.

Stereotypes Around People That Smoke Crack Cocaine

As we stated above, people that use drugs are subject to widely-held stereotypes, especially those who smoke crack cocaine. Hollywood is responsible for a lot of this, and it’s around drug users in general.

Specifically, the Dave Chappelle Show depicted the crack cocaine stereotype perfectly. He once portrayed the crack user as a poor African-American man who was homeless and couldn’t get enough of the drug.

However, the portrayal that Hollywood has put around the crack cocaine addict is largely inaccurate. These false perceptions of those who smoke crack cocaine are always racially motivated. The truth is that more Caucasians or whites smoke crack than African-Americans in this country.

Also, there is the widespread belief that crack cocaine users spend all day trying to get their next high. This is widely inaccurate. New scientific evidence shows that a person with a crack cocaine addiction can temporarily suppress their addictions to make sound financial decisions.

How Does Race Factor in When It Comes to Crack Cocaine?

Stereotypes fueled by the media and Hollywood are affecting the government’s response to crack cocaine. The stats are clear in that whites or Caucasians, including youth in the United States, are more likely to use crack cocaine.

However, 80% of the people that are incarcerated in this country for crack cocaine possession are African-American. This is largely due to the crack epidemic that occurred in the 1980s and the legal crackdown enforced by the government.

Treatment for Crack Cocaine Addiction

Crackabuse.com is your #1 source for crack cocaine treatment information. If you or someone you love has an addiction to crack cocaine, our addiction specialists are available around the clock to assist you. Our specialists have years of experience helping individuals with crack cocaine addictions.

Crack cocaine addiction is a tough one to beat, but it is possible and you can achieve freedom from it. We offer professional support and guidance and are here to help you find resources. Begin healing from your addiction by contacting one of our addiction specialists. Discover a brand new life free from crack and cocaine addiction and a brighter tomorrow.

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