Smoking crack cocaine makes people become known as “crackheads” in the social hierarchy of our culture. It’s a negative connotation that puts those addicted to crack cocaine down to the bottom rungs of society. However, crack cocaine addiction should be looked at as a disease that is progressive, chronic, and fatal if left untreated.

Why is there social stigma about smoking crack?

What is the stigmatization of crack cocaine users?

Stigmatization occurs when a person possesses an attribute or status, known as a social stigma, that makes that person less desirable or acceptable in other people’s eyes, thereby affecting their interactions with others. This makes crack cocaine abusers often feel less than human because they are labeled and categorized as people that are not normal in society’s view. In recent years, more opportunities for crack cocaine addiction treatment have begun to reverse this negative trend.

The general public perceives problem drug users, especially those who smoke crack, to be dangerous, deceitful, unreliable, unpredictable, hard to talk with, and to blame for their predicament. Young people may have more negative views in this respect than adults. The families of users are also stigmatized, being seen as partly responsible for their relative’s addiction.

Health professional’s views on smoking crack cocaine

Hospital staff can be distrustful and judgmental in dealing with crack cocaine smokers, but drug users can themselves be aggressive and manipulative. In the United States staff who choose to work in hospitals serving the most deprived, inner-city populations appear to be more compassionate and patient.

Each situation is individualized and a personalized approach to treating patients struggling with crack abuse should be always applied but often health professionals neglect this critical responsibility.

Treating Crack Cocaine Addiction

If you or someone you love are looking for a brand-new life free from a crack cocaine addiction, is the place to go. This website provides resources to overcome cocaine and crack addiction.

You don’t ever have to go through this process alone, there are people with valuable resources that can help you. Get in touch with a professional at, and they will help you find the best course of action or treatment for your situation.

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