What is Crack Cocaine Addiction?

Crack cocaine is a more pure and addictive version of the potent drug cocaine. It is made by mixing water and baking soda with cocaine, and then “cooked” down to create a smokable form of the drug. Crack gets its name from the “cracking” and “popping” noise it makes when heat is applied to the substance.

When crack cocaine is inhaled, the drug reaches the brain almost instantly producing a powerful and intense euphoric rush. This rush only lasts between 10 to 15 minutes which makes its user continuously want more. This is why crack cocaine is one of the most psychologically addicting drugs out there. Those that are addicted often report being hooked on the drug after only their first hit.

What Does Inpatient Crack Rehab Look Like?

Poly Drug Users that Include Crack Cocaine

A lot of people that are addicted to crack cocaine are polydrug users and also have other mental health issues. Studies show that there is a strong correlation between mental illness and any substance use disorder. When seeking treatment, both of these must be addressed and treated.

According to drugabuse.gov:

In 2013, cocaine accounted for almost 6 percent of all admissions to drug abuse treatment programs. The majority of individuals (68 percent in 2013) who seek treatment for cocaine use smoke crack and are likely to be polydrug users, meaning they use more than one substance. Those who provide treatment for cocaine use should recognize that drug addiction is a complex disease involving changes in the brain as well as a wide range of social, familial, and other environmental factors; therefore, treatment of cocaine addiction must address this broad context as well as any other co-occurring mental disorders that require additional behavioral or pharmacological interventions. (DRUGABUSE.GOV)

Popular Treatment Programs for Crack Abuse

Inpatient Crack Rehab Near Me

What happens when someone is admitted for inpatient crack rehab? Crack cocaine is a very psychologically addictive drug. Once a user stops use, withdrawal symptoms will occur.

Inpatient crack addiction treatment is a very structured program. Upon admission, the individual is given a bed to start the detox process. Some of the withdrawal signs and symptoms a person may experience from crack cocaine are as follows:


  • Severe depression
  • Fatigue
  • Agitation
  • Poor concentration
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Cravings
  • Hallucinations and Paranoia
  • Mood swings

During detox, each patient is monitored 24/7 by medical staff and sometimes given medications to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal. The detox process for crack cocaine usually takes between 5 to 7 days.

Once the individual has gotten through detox, they are then transitioned over to start the most important part of rehab, and that is residential treatment. During this part of treatment, residents are kept busy with activities, therapy, and meetings. Morning meditation, individual and group counseling sessions, psychiatric and psychological treatment, 12-step meetings, and addiction classes, where everyone is taught all about the disease of addiction, are given. Also, each resident is taught coping skills, and how to start living a life without drugs and alcohol.

More About Inpatient Crack Cocaine Treatment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is usually also done. CBT helps clients to figure out what has led them to a life of addiction, by addressing the thought patterns underlying the behavior. During CBT, clients also learn about triggers that may lead them to relapse.

In inpatient treatment, each individual’s schedule will vary based on their needs, however, a lot of the treatment is done in a group with the other residents. Visitation from friends and family and special activities may also be scheduled once the patient has been in the facility for a couple of weeks. Phone calls to friends and family are also usually allowed during certain times of the day.

After a person has completed inpatient crack treatment, if there is a continued need for further treatment, the individual may then be referred to an outpatient treatment program or sober living facility.

What Does Inpatient Crack Rehab Look Like?

Find Inpatient Rehab for Crack Addiction

If you or someone you love has an addiction to crack cocaine, our addiction specialists are available around the clock to assist you. Our specialists have years of experience helping individuals with crack addictions. Crack addiction is a tough drug to beat, but you can achieve freedom from this addiction. We offer professional support and guidance and are here to help you get on the road to long-lasting recovery.

Ready to find inpatient crack rehab near me and want to get better? Our crack and cocaine resource helpline offers guidance and support for those that are affected and in need of professional help.