For recovering crack cocaine addicts, finding employment can sometimes be a difficult transition back into a clean and sober world. While in active addiction, people often do unspeakable things which make them unemployable during that time. Our decades of experience at the Crack Abuse Helpline tell us that drug and alcohol abuse can have far-reaching effects on all aspects of a person’s life, including a person’s employment and job prospects.
How to Find a Job in Early Recovery

Obstacles to Finding Employment in Sobriety

Successfully completing treatment for crack cocaine addiction is an accomplishment in itself, but the next phase of this battle begins once you’re searching for a job. Figuring out how to find a job after rehab is fraught with obstacles, challenges, and difficult decisions. Take heart, though, because securing stable employment is one of the best things you can do for your recovery journey. Let the accomplishments you’ve had in rehab fuel your search for a new job.

Tips for Employment After Crack Rehab

Take guidance from us, mental health professionals in the field of crack cocaine treatment for many years. We suggest following these tips in the search for an ideal job after crack rehab:

  1. Take what you can get – This is no time to be conceited. Every job is a good job. Be grateful for every opportunity to get up in the morning and contribute to society. Maybe there’s an open job doing manual labor, maybe you can work behind the counter at Starbucks or some other side shop. No matter what job you choose, never give up, and don’t let the job make you feel inadequate. Work is a noble practice. If your first job doesn’t start at $100,000 a year, don’t be discouraged. Everyone has to start somewhere. This job is probably only temporary but try your best to view it as an opportunity to build some skills, practice responsibility, and learn money management.
  2. Take it EASY – We understand it. You’re clean and sober, you’re feeling great, and you want to make a name for yourself. There’s plenty of time for that. Take your time. The last thing you need is to replace drugs and alcohol with the pursuit of money. If your new job has given you the opportunity to earn a steady income, great! Just remember about your other responsibilities. If you attend meetings, don’t miss them to work more hours. If you’re seeing a therapist, make sure you get to your appointments. Whichever path you take, it’s important that you keep your recovery a top priority. Your new job will disappear quickly if you start smoking crack. True story. There’s plenty of time to make a career for yourself. A good rule of thumb is to keep the first year in mind. No big shifts, no crazy hours at work. Keep recovery first.
  3. Be grateful for your job – In case you haven’t noticed, gratitude has been a topic in every one of these tips. But gratitude is so important that it should be mentioned again. No matter what you do, remember that there is someone out there who is less fortunate than you who would take your job in a split second. Even if you earn minimum wage, always be grateful for your work.

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