Crack cocaine is the crystallized form of cocaine. It comes in either solid blocks or crystals that will vary in color from white to yellow or even a pale rosy color. Crack cocaine was named crack because, when heated and smoked, it creates popping or cracking sounds when it is heated. Crack is the most potent form of cocaine because it is so pure. 

A History About Crack Cocaine

When cocaine is cooked into crack, it is anywhere from 75%-100% stronger than regular cocaine in powder form. Crack cocaine, when smoked, also allows it to reach the user’s brain much more quickly, causing an intense rush that is felt immediately. The downside is that the high only lasts for approximately 15 minutes, meaning an addiction to crack can happen much quicker. 

How Does Crack Cocaine Affect Relationships?

How Crack Addiction Impacts Relationships

Addiction in any fashion or form can reek a lot of habit on relationships. This is because substance use interrupts your ability to make healthy and rational decisions and leads you to compulsive behavior. This will continuously feed your addiction. For most people struggling with a crack addiction, this idea may seem foreign to them, and they may feel they have it under control. But in actuality, to their parents, spouse, friends, or siblings who are forced to watch the disease of addiction tear everything away from them, it is undoubtedly obvious that the crack is destroying your life.

As someone who personally battled with a crack cocaine addiction, looking back, I can think of a thousand different impulses and decisions I made that negatively impacted my relations with my loved ones. I was no longer myself once crack took over my life, and I acted and thought completely out of character from the person I was before. 

Do You or a Loved One Put Crack Over Everyone Else?

Since crack cocaine use elevates your mood and makes you feel good, the reality of consistently using crack cocaine is that much more sinister in design. You feel good, but everything else is damaged. You will neglect the relationships that mean the most to you. You will enter into a near-constant state of deception, lying about everything to cover your tracks and avoid feeling any judgment. 

How Does Crack Cocaine Destroy a Relationship?

The damage that cracks cocaine causes is no secret, but it is also important to know how it affects your relationships with those around you.  Some of the ways that a crack cocaine addiction can affect relationships might be: 

Development of extreme trust issues: Crack cocaine caused unpredictable and erratic behaviors, so it is common for relationships to cycle through highs and lows almost constantly. Distrust may also come from the lying and stealing associated with addiction. 

The potential for aggression: With a crack cocaine addiction comes feelings of paranoia and aggression, which can easily turn into verbal and physical fights with loved ones.

Experiencing excessive anxiety: One of the most common side effects associated with crack cocaine addiction is anxiety. When you are in a social setting, it is possible to feel a level of anxiety that completely takes you out of the moment and disguises itself as negative feelings towards others. In addition, after a binge on crack cocaine, you will experience withdrawal that looks like anxiety. As a result, interactions with others will continue to get more and more difficult.

Start Healing Your Reletionship and Overcome Crack Cocaine Addiction

Trying to overcome a crack cocaine addiction on your own is nearly impossible. I experienced so much mental anguish when I couldn’t pull myself out independently when I wasn’t high. However, once I received clinical treatment at a facility, I was able to get my addiction under control. That was also when I could begin to repair the relationships that I broke. Regardless of the hole that you have dug yourself, a sober future is possible. 

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