Crack is hardened and cooked down form of the illicit street drug cocaine. Cocaine itself comes as a white powder, whereas crack cocaine is a solid and crystallized form of cocaine. Cocaine comes from and is made out of the coca plant originating from South America. 


Crack cocaine is considered a much more dangerous and addictive version of cocaine because it is cooked down into its purest form. The method of delivery also offers an immediate and much more intense high. Crack rocks can be yellow, tan, light pink, or white. 

How Cocaine Turn Into Crack?

To turn cocaine into crack, the cocaine is dissolved in warm water, and ammonia or baking soda is added into the mixture. It is then boiled until a solid form separates from the liquid base and is then cooled and broken down into smaller rocks for sale and use. Crack cocaine is anywhere from 75-90% pure cocaine, making it much more addictive and risky to use. 

How Is Crack Abused

How is Crack Cocaine Abused?

The most common way that cracks cocaine is abused is by smoking it. Crack gets its name due to the sound it makes when it is heated up and smoked. It makes a crackling or popping noise. They are smoked out of glass pipes that are usually 5 or 6 inches long. Some pipes have a round bulb at the end where the rock is put in. In other cases, the whole pipe is cylindrical, and metal wire is put into one end to prevent the rock from sliding through. 

In more extreme cases, some people will even inject crack cocaine. While no method is safe, injecting it is much more dangerous. To make crack cocaine into a soluble form to inject it, the person must combine it with some sort of acid. Many people use common household items like lime juice or white vinegar to change their form. The drug will be mixed with weak acid until it is dissolved and can then be injected. 

You Will Constantly Chase Crack Cocaine High

Crack cocaine is so potent that you can become addicted to it after just one use, and you will constantly be chasing that high from that point on. It is pleasurable but also powerful and elusive. The high is instantaneous but also only lasts for 5 or 10 minutes. Once the high is worn off, you will desire to feel it again and again until it becomes a vicious cycle. 

Dangers of Crack Abuse and Addiction

As your crack use continues, you will need more and more of the drug to feel the same high. This is what happens when you build up a tolerance to it. If you suddenly stop using it or don’t use it enough, you will experience withdrawal symptoms, including anxiety, vomiting, nausea, excessive sweating, irritability, fatigue, and vivid drug dreams. 

Eventually, if the cycle of addiction has gone on long enough, you may continue to use crack even if you do not want to or are experiencing negative side effects. The addiction to crack will be stronger than your ability to stop. Those with a crack addiction will not only experience problems with their body but also with their lifestyle. You may struggle financially because you can no longer fuel your habit. You may experience legal trouble. You may even lose friends and family as a result of your addiction. 

Overcome Crack Cocaine Dependence at

It is our advice to stay away from crack cocaine altogether. It is not worth the 10 minute high. If you are already addicted to crack, you will need to enter a detox facility and follow up with addiction treatment. Your problems don’t stop just because the drug is no longer in your system. Addiction is a disease of the brain, and if you do not find ways to manage your desire to use it, you won’t be able to stop yourself from picking it back up. 

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