Most people that have cocaine addictions experience polydrug abuse which means they struggle with both cocaine and other substances. Cocaine addiction is a tough addiction to beat and treat because the cocaine cravings continu for a long time after you stop using the drug.

According to a major study on cocaine addiction performed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse:

In 2013, cocaine accounted for almost 6 percent of all admissions to drug abuse treatment programs. The majority of individuals (68 percent in 2013) who seek treatment for cocaine use smoke crack and are likely to be polydrug users, meaning they use more than one substance. Those who provide treatment for cocaine use should recognize that drug addiction is a complex disease involving changes in the brain as well as a wide range of social, familial, and other environmental factors; therefore, treatment of cocaine addiction must address this broad context as well as any other co-occurring mental disorders that require additional behavioral or pharmacological interventions. (NIDH)

There have been a lot of studies done in the treatment of cocaine addiction, but as of right now there are no medications that have been currently approved by the FDA to effectively treat cocaine addiction.

Does the Vivitrol Injection Block Cocaine Cravings

What is a Vivitrol Injection?

Vivitrol or Naltrexone extended-release is an opioid antagonist medication. It is given as a once-monthly injection into the muscle and works by binding to the opioid receptors or pleasure centers in the brain to block the effects of opioids or alcohol. Vivitrol is used to prevent relapse in those that have become dependent on opioids or alcohol and then have detoxed off of them. It is not a controlled substance and does not cause any euphoria.

Does Vivitrol Work Against Cocaine Cravings?

Vivitrol is used to treat alcohol use disorder and opioid use disorder and clinical studies have been done to see if it is also effective in treating cocaine dependence. One clinical trial, in particular, used high doses of Vivitrol, for people that struggle with both alcohol and cocaine dependence, to see if it helped control cocaine cravings.

The National Institute of Health published a discussion on the results of the trial, saying the following:

High-dose naltrexone (100 mg/d) was expected to improve cocaine use and drinking outcomes, particularly when combined with behavioral therapy that included contingency management procedures rewarding cocaine abstinence, but findings failed to support this hypothesis. The type of medication and therapy did not affect cocaine use, which remained high throughout treatment. (NIH)

The Vivitrol injection did reduce the frequency of heavy drinking over time, but unfortunately, it was not effective in blocking cocaine cravings. When it comes to how cocaine abuse is treated along with crack cocaine addiction, the best course of action is to find a crack cocaine rehab center that will teach you or a loved one the coping mechanisms to effectively deal with and eliminate cravings.

Treatment for Cocaine Addiction is Available

Cocaine is one of the most psychologically addictive substances due to the mass amounts of dopamine that is released when it is used. The high only lasts a short time which causes extreme cravings for more and more of the drug. Fortunately, more studies are being done and medications are being evaluated. Hopefully, there will be an approved effective treatment for those that have cocaine dependence soon.

If you or someone you love has a cocaine addiction, our addiction specialists are available around the clock to assist you. Our specialists have years of experience helping individuals with cocaine addictions. Cocaine addiction is a tough drug to beat, but you can achieve freedom from this addiction. We offer professional support and guidance and are here to help you get on the road to long-lasting recovery.

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