Crack cocaine, a central nervous system stimulant, is one of the most highly addictive substances around. It is a smokable form of cocaine that is made by adding baking soda and water to pure cocaine and cooking it down to form little rocks that can then be smoked. Crack cocaine is essentially a freebase form of cocaine that produces a very short, intense euphoria to those that smoke it.

When a person uses crack, it stimulates dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain, to produce an intense euphoric feeling and pleasure. The high from crack is very short-lived, and the cravings after the first hit are intense. This is what makes the substance so addictive.

Dangers of Smoking Crack on Antibiotics

Side-Effects of Crack Cocaine Abuse

Crack cocaine harms a person’s immune system; it lowers the body’s ability to fight infections while on antibiotics. Crack hinders the ability of the body to fight infections by lowering levels of IL-6, an important protein of the immune system. It also reduces eating and sleep which lowers the immune response and can affect an individual’s ability to take medication as prescribed.

Crack cocaine can also damage the lining of the respiratory system which can allow bacteria to enter the body faster and cause infection.

The Department of Justice’s “Crack Cocaine Fast Facts” says:

In addition to the usual risks associated with cocaine use (constricted blood vessels; increased temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure; and risk of cardiac arrest and seizure), crack users may experience acute respiratory problems, including coughing, shortness of breath, lung trauma, and bleeding. Crack cocaine smoking can also cause aggressive paranoid behavior. (Justice.GOV)

Long-term crack users are more likely to develop HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, and Hepatitis B and C due to both the increased prevalence of risky behaviors when on the drug and also the effect of a reduced immune system response.

Long-term use of crack can also cause severe psychological issues, brain damage, damage to the heart and cardiovascular system, cognitive impairments, and sexual dysfunction.

Effects of Smoking Crack When On Antibiotics

Crack and antibiotics are two different classifications of drugs therefore they work in completely different ways. While there is no direct drug interaction between the two, they should never be used concurrently.

If a person has been prescribed antibiotics, they are likely fighting an infection of some sorts. Since crack does lower the body’s immune response, mixing the two can reduce an individual’s capacity to get maximum benefits from the antibiotics. Crack affects dopamine, and dopamine is thought to contribute to the regulation of the body’s immunity. Crack can cause the processing of dopamine to be interfered with which could also affect the body’s capacity to heal effectively and quickly.

Smoking Crack Cocaine and Antibiotics

Crack use can also interfere with the effectiveness of antibiotics at a more basic level, by affecting a person’s mental capacity to take them as prescribed by their doctor. The physiological effects could cause a missed dose or failure to complete the entire course of antibiotic treatment.

Crack use can also damage a person’s kidneys. If kidney damage is present, it can cause issues as they are less able to process the antibiotics than healthy kidneys. It is strongly recommended that a person with kidney disease who is prescribed antibiotics not use crack.

Treatment for Crack Cocaine Addiction

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