Imagine an obsession that drives you to compulsively do one thing over and over again. This one action damages your health, destroys your relationships, and makes you the black sheep of the family. The action we are referring to is smoking crack cocaine, a highly dangerous, addictive, and illicit narcotic. Crack cocaine will take everything from a person, leaving an empty shell that only wants more crack no matter what.

That’s what happened to me, and I was in the cycle of crack cocaine abuse for over 20 years with no end in sight. At the end of my addiction journey, I was a skeleton that looked worse than some Holocaust survivors, homeless and desperate on the streets, long shunned by all my family members. It was only the Crack Abuse Helpline that saved me from exploding and probably killing myself, as crack cocaine made nothing else worth living for.

Confessions of a Crack Cocaine Addict

Winning the War With Crack Cocaine Abuse

When looking at the grand scale of things, not many people win the war on crack cocaine addiction. This drug is so powerful it can eat your soul alive until the person you were before finding crack no longer exists inside of you. The most pain that crack cocaine creates is on your closest loved ones. While in active addiction, we don’t realize the pain we cause our spouses, children, and other family members.

Crack addiction is a self-centered and self-serving disease that makes all other matters of importance quickly insignificant. What made me decide to finally seek out professional help for crack cocaine addiction?

Professional Help for Crack Addiction

The road was not easy and it took many years until I hit rock bottom, but when it happened, the wheels began turning fast. My turning point was when I got arrested for possession of crack cocaine. It was my second possession charge and following the three-strike rule, the next time I would be doing significant jail time with felonies on my record. I know that as they say in the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous, this lifestyle only ends in jails, institutions, or death.

Luckily, I was helped by truly kind, compassionate, and caring people through the website and they got me connected with an interventionist and state-funded residential treatment program as I did not have insurance. They did not turn their backs on me and guided me in the journey to recovery from crack abuse. I am proud to say that I’m now over five years clean and never plan on going back to that miserable life!

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Whether you’re smoking cocaine, snorting cocaine, or even injecting cocaine, it does not have to destroy your life any longer. There is real, compassionate, and professional help available. Don’t be afraid, we are always just a quick phone call away.

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