As a stimulant-based narcotic, cocaine is a drug that is very addictive and dangerous. This drug often leads to tolerance, dependence, and down a path of strong psychological addiction through the cravings it creates.

If you or a loved one are addicted to cocaine, be prepared for a grueling detox process and the withdrawal symptoms that are felt by chronic cocaine users. Let’s delve deep into the world of cocaine detoxification and the problems cocaine abuse creates for those that are ready to stop using this addictive narcotic.

Most Common Symptoms of Cocaine Detox

Cocaine Detoxification Symptoms

Though stimulant withdrawal does not usually involve severe physical, some individuals may be at risk for experiencing a significantly debilitating dysphoria that can include depression manifested as overwhelmingly negative thoughts and/or feelings.

While many of the symptoms of cocaine withdrawal begin to resolve within several days after quitting, some people may have a more protracted or prolonged course of withdrawal and continue to experience troublesome withdrawal symptoms for several weeks.

What to Expect from a Cocaine Detox

Prolonged cocaine withdrawal is the presence of substance-specific signs and symptoms of withdrawal that persist well beyond the time frame expected after someone stops using the substance. The severity of a person’s withdrawal symptoms can vary widely among individuals. These symptoms are influenced by many factors, such as their age and general health, the amount of cocaine they used, and how long they have been using.
Other factors include the route of administration, and whether there were other substances being used along with the cocaine. Withdrawal symptoms can be intense to the point they lead people to use again simply to seek relief from the pain and discomfort of withdrawal.

Achieve Recovery from Cocaine Addiction

If you or someone you love has an addiction to cocaine, our addiction specialists at are available around the clock to assist you. Our specialists have years of experience helping individuals with cocaine addictions.

Cocaine addiction is a tough one to beat, but it is possible and you can achieve freedom from it. We offer professional support and guidance and are here to help you find resources to get on the road to long-lasting recovery.

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Whether you’re smoking cocaine, snorting cocaine, or even injecting cocaine, it does not have to destroy your life any longer. There is real, compassionate, and professional help available. Don’t be afraid, we are always just a quick phone call away.

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