Cocaine is a stimulant type of drug that releases massive amounts of dopamine and serotonin. Both of these brain chemicals are what give a person feelings of pleasure and euphoria. Average amounts of dopamine and serotonin are released when we eat chocolate, have sex, listen to music, etc. Repeated cocaine use then confuses the brain’s reward center, where dopamine and serotonin come from. As a result, the reward pathways cannot handle overstimulating from cocaine- and will stop producing dopamine and serotonin. This is why people get addicted; they need cocaine to feel good. 

Essentially, cocaine addicts deplete their brain of its own naturally occurring feel-good brain chemicals. 

Why Does Cocaine Cause Tooth Decay?

Who Gets Addicted to Cocaine?

Anyone can get addicted to cocaine. The scope of drug use and addiction has evolved to affect all income levels, races, or genders. Cocaine is also an expensive drug. Most people who use cocaine spend hundreds when they binge on it. The belief that cocaine addicts are not white and poor or un-educated is completely false. Attorneys, doctors, athletes, and other higher-level professionals use and get addicted to cocaine. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration provides demographic statistics about drug use. They find that white people use cocaine the most:  

2017 Cocaine Use by Race or Ethnicity 

  • White – 3,362,000
  • Hispanic – 768,000
  • Black – 612,000
  • Asian – 101,000
  • Native American – 31,000
  • Pacific Islander / Hawaiian – 18,000 (SAMHSA)

Why Does Cocaine Cause Tooth Decay?

Cocaine, more than other drugs, causes the user to binge on it. Most cocaine binges will last one or more days of constant cocaine intake. While high on cocaine, many people grind their teeth and do not drink water. Additionally, cocaine dehydrates the body’s cells which allows for bacteria to form/grow. Another reason tooth decay is likely to occur with cocaine use is that it is typically snorted. The nasal cocaine drip enters the mouth, and since cocaine is very acidic,  the drip will deteriorate tooth enamel. All the while that other health detriments already mentioned is happening. 

Cocaine Use Is an Unhealthy Lifestyle

All drug addicts are using drugs to cope with life. Their priority is about getting high. People addicted to cocaine will not spend much time grooming themselves or bathing or brushing their teeth. The most obvious sign to a medical doctor or a dentist of addiction is the presence of tooth decay and poor health. All drugs rob the person of their self-esteem and self-care routines. Cocaine addicts might look better at first because of the improvement in mood from the high. But in time, the drugs will rob them of their looks. Cocaine use has a harmful chemical reaction on the body, and looking bad is inevitable. 

People high on cocaine think they look like movie stars because of how high they are.  

What Are the Best Treatment Programs for Cocaine?

The treatment programs that are most effective for cocaine addiction will use evidence-based therapy methods. We connect patients to drug-specific treatment programs for cocaine and crack cocaine addictions. Cocaine addicts struggle with cravings and need a way to increase their self-esteem, build trust, and develop a desire to remain drug-free for good. We recommend behavioral therapy and pharmacotherapies for treating cocaine addiction. 

We Can Get You Clean from Cocaine Today

The only answer to ending an addiction to cocaine is inpatient and intensive outpatient for treating cocaine use. We connect clients to programs specifically for men, women, or young adults. The day you or a loved one gets targeted therapy for cocaine addiction, they see that life is better than clean and sober. Let our specialists help to get you there right now. Call for immediate admission and entry to a cocaine rehab program within 24 hours or less.

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