Does Cocaine Affect Antibiotics?

Cocaine is an illegal stimulant drug that is most often used recreationally. Cocaine can be found in 2 forms: a white powdered form used nasally or snorted or in a crystalline rock form known as crack cocaine. In addition, crack cocaine can either be reduced into a liquid and used intravenously (injected) or smoked. Both cocaine and crack cocaine present the user with a wide array of health-related issues. 

How Does Cocaine Work in the Body?

People who regularly ingest cocaine in any form experience increased heart rate and rapid heartbeat, increased body temperature, increased blood pressure, issues with the nose (like damaged nose tissue and nasal passageways), tooth decay, and a harshly weakened immune system. If you have been struggling with a cocaine addiction and you were recently prescribed antibiotic medication, you might be wondering whether cocaine affects antibiotics and their ability to fight infection. 

The short answer is no; taking an antibiotic while you’re abusing cocaine will not directly affect the antibiotic and how well it works. However, abusing cocaine in any capacity greatly weakens your immune system making it more difficult for your body to fight off infectious disease and making it less likely for the antibiotics to cure you as quickly as they would otherwise. If you know somebody who has been struggling with cocaine addiction or if you have been struggling with cocaine addiction yourself, we are available to help. Fortunately, many of the physical consequences of prolonged cocaine misuse can be reversed with an extended period of sobriety. Contact us today to learn more.

Does Cocaine Affect Antibiotics?

How Does Cocaine Affect the Effects of Antibiotics?

How exactly do cocaine and crack cocaine negatively affect the immune system? First of all, to protect the body against disease, several physical barriers occur naturally. Your body’s defense against foreign objects, if you will. These physical barriers prevent germs in bacteria from causing infections. Some examples of these barriers include hair, skin or the epidermis, and mucous membranes found in the nose and throat. 

People who snort or smoke cocaine or crack cocaine often experience severely damaged mucous membranes. This is especially true when it comes to ingesting powdered cocaine nasally. You destroy the mucous membranes in your nose by using cocaine excessively and regularly, your risk of infection increases significantly. Therefore people who abuse cocaine and smoke crack cocaine often experience infections in their respiratory systems and lungs. Both bronchitis and pneumonia are extremely common among crack users. When you are prescribed antibiotics for one of these conditions and continue to use cocaine, there is very little chance that the antibiotic will work. 

To recover, you will need to stop using cocaine entirely, and to do this; you might require professional help.

Cocaine and Crack Cocaine Addiction Recovery

If you or someone you know in love has been struggling with cocaine or crack cocaine addiction, we are available to help. We understand how difficult it can be to reach out for help when you are struggling. It can be even more difficult to come to terms with a life-threatening addiction and admit that you don’t have the tools necessary to overcome this addiction without professional assistance. Unfortunately, many people in desperate need of addiction treatment fail to seek the help they need simply because they are unaware of the recovery resources that are readily available to them. 

Overcome Crack Cocaine Abuse TODAY!

Our job is to put you in touch with people who can help. We work directly with several reputable treatment centers throughout the country that specialize in cocaine addiction recovery. Many of the treatment centers we work for have helped even people in the direst circumstances overcome addiction and lead the healthy and fulfilling lives they deserve. So, if you are ready to overcome addiction once and for all and completely reclaim your life, simply pick up the phone and contact us today.

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